Heartbreaking Monologue

This awesome person deserves more than a thumbs-up! Take time to listen…



At Dawn

A cold look, then

my skin tingled.

The sun blinded me and

his perfume filled my head.

I was trembling,

his face was so vivid.

“Chillax,” he said

I chuckled nervously.


Then a change of scene,

we ate dessert.

Mine vanilla and his chocolate.

“I’m sorry I just can’t

imagine myself liking vanilla.”

I stared in disbelief

but he just smiled.

My heart stopped.

He then stood up and

asked for my hand

to dance.

I wanted this dream to last.


He will settle down one day

maybe with another,

until then we’ll be together.

He will smile,

I will fall.

We will dance

then I will open my eyes.

The “Mall” Culture: On Philippine Advertising and Consumerism

Here’s another paper I wrote for our Media and Society class (Comm 140). We were asked to go to a mall and choose a store to deconstruct. The key here is to see beyond the shop windows and strategic advertising in order to actually analyze how we, as consumers, react in a very common place.

So, the next time you shop, think if the things you’re buying are worth it. Enjoy reading!

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The 24-Hour Media Challenge

Through the eyes of a screen

This was a paper I wrote for my Media and Society class (Comm 140). We were tasked to engage ourselves in a 24-hour media challenge. Basically, we had to give up one or more forms of media (e.g. mobile phone, laptop, MP3, TV, radio, etc.) for a whole day. Then after the agony of losing that form of media, we had to share our experiences and insights.

I hope you try this once so you could see the world through your own eyes again and not through a Facebook post or even a Tweet. Enjoy! Continue reading